Need Icon for Kii Three Control

Is it Roon Tested?

Roon Tested?
Well yes, I use Roon almost exclusively and it does sound great through the Kii’s.
It is not a Roon Ready component at this time but that may change :grinning:
I see at least one of the Kii Audio founders is a Roon community contributor so I would think they are getting their gear Roon compliant is on the radar.

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You might ask them to see if they are doing that.

Ohhh, I want those speakers :slight_smile:

I am a Kii / Kii control owner, but I do not get the point here. The Kii control is no Roon endpoint, and as far as I know only endpoints can get a certificate.You probably have an endpoint connected to the control which deserves the Roon logo. The Kii ( control) is the Dac here and won’t be certified as it is the “renseponsibility” of the endpoint to connect to the Dac, out of scope of Roon

I think what @Frank_Palm means is he would like an icon for the DAC in the signal path. For example, I have a DragonFly Red with a nice AudioQuest logo next to it

But I think for that to happen it needs to be Roon tested as DAC. Maybe.@brian can confirm or explain this?

“Roon Tested” is our partner program for USB devices. If Kii wishes to submit speakers for testing and enroll them in the program, they are free to to do so.

There’s more information on Roon Tested here, and a list of already Roon Tested devices here.

I hope that they do. I notice that Roon is mentioned on their web site, and in this video of a Kii Three demo, I’m pretty sure that’s Roon showing on the tablet next to the Kii Control at 0:47

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Any news on the topic?

You’ll need to ask Kii I suspect! Is it on their roadmap?

If I’m not mistaken it is, but without a timeframe. Just looking for inside information

I’d ask Brian. He might be able to shed more light on the matter. Or not as saying too much can actually cause problems with impatience!

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Impatience is one of my virtues. The icon is in place according to another thread I found after posting here. Now we just have to wait for the Roon Ready certification.

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Can you post the icon please? How does it look like? Or isn’t it available by now?

It should be available according to this thread:

Haven’t tested it myself as my speakers haven’t returned after repair and I’m on holiday. Will test and report back as soon as possible.

Oh what happened with them?

One speaker had dropouts. Quite a while without power would fix the problem intermittently. No problems getting it fixed, but it has taken a while. It’s quite a distance from far up north in Norway to the repair centre in the Netherlands. Logistics are PITA sometimes.

When did you buy it? Manufacturing date?

I believe they’re manufactured in late 2017. I don’t think it’s the “usual” nCore fault, no relays going bananas.

Yea! Checked today and the Kii Audio logo is there and shows up on my roon screen. I had given the device (Kii) my own name earlier so the roon asked to identify it from the drop down list and there it was…Kii Audio Control.