Need interface with Discogs to track vinyl collection

If Roon could login to my Discogs collection and import the vinyl records to a “non-digital” list, then display the wealth of data Roon already knows about each record,… it would be amazing! Down the road, it would be nice to use their metadata too… but for now, how cool would it be to add a new record to your Discogs collection and Roon display the album info on your tv while the record spins for the first time?

I know you can probably find a digital version of your new record and just add it to your Roon collection, but we vinyl collectors want to segregate our analog collections. You wouldn’t have to play any audio at all… just display the album, track and band information. If you “do” have a digital copy (the user) perhaps display a tag “also available in digital collection”…

If Roon has no detailed information on the record, just list the basic info like title, year and band. You can already export this info out of Discogs so it should be available without having to negotiate a license to their detailed metadata.

You could expand the idea to cassette and reel-to-reel too… and if you “were” able to access Discogs’ detailed metadata, it could fill in a lot of gaps on independent labels and rare recordings…

These companies should work together as they are a natural fit for collectors. Sorry if I’m being “Captain Obvious” here, and someone already suggested this.

Lots of times.
Thirteen asking for variations including yours :slightly_smiling_face:

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