Need some advice about getting MQA to endpoint

Hello all, I am confusing myself a bit in my quest to enable MQA on my main living room end point. My confusion stems from a lack of knowledge on the connection/boxes required and which job each is doing.
Money is a bit tighter than it was as I now work for myself contract to contract… so a bit more careful.

Anyway my current set up is:

Windows PC (high end) running Roon Server
Main listening room has :
Rega Elicit-R amp
Rega headphone amp.
currently connect to Roon via Apple Airplay

I think I have a few options:
Bluesound Node 2
Something like Mytek Brooklyn (actually ordered this and cancelled it as I realised I’d still need something else to connect it via ethernet to Roon)
Sonic Orbiter

What I am confused about is if I put a DAC between Roon and the Rega Elicit-R am i bypassing the Rega amp in some way - absolutely LOVE the sound of the Rega… I can let hours drift by listening to music… will I be relying on the Mytek, Node2, Sonic if i put them in the “chain” and wasting the Rega?

I am really looking for the most simple and cost effective solution that leaves the Rega to do its thing.

The Mytek Brooklyn is a Full AMP/Dac so you would/could use it Standalone, it even has a Phono Stage. If i state your “Problem” Right you´ll need a DAC/Streamer that then goes into the Elecit-R and then in the HeadAmp. You could use a Streamer + e.g. an Audioquest Dreagonfly Red DAC or the Node 2, both Variants do MQA and are cost effective.

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Hoi can use a Raspberry Pi with a Meridian Explorer2 as a low budget full MQA decoder.
Check out or the RoPieee thread on this forum.

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So far for what I know, Lumin range of streamers except the T1 transport can be used as a fully MQA decoded playback when configured as endpoint together with Roon.