Need some advice for consolidating my current setup

Hi all,

I am trying to consolidate my audio/tv setup and make it more wife friendly. I currently own a pair of Kef LS50s which don’t see much use but I want to use more.

My current setup is
Yamaha YSP-2700 for improved TV sound.

For my Roon Streaming, I have a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra > Schiit Gungnir > Marantz PM6006 > Kef LS50.

To simplify that setup, I was looking at replacing it all with the NAD M10 v2 and then also removing the soundbar and running the TV through the LS50s as well.

Just wanted to know your thoughts?


I recommended something similar to a friend. He ended up with a Bluesound Powernode (most recent version) connected to his KEFs and a subwoofer, tied into his TV and blu ray player. Much more simple and the BluOS provided more management and acts as an AirPlay interface, further reducing his complexity. He’s very happy, the M10 soundwise should be a step up.

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Thanks Robert, I went down to my local hifi shop today and pulled the trigger on an M10. Loving it so far, but one thing I have noticed with my LS50 is that I need to crank the volume right up to 80% to get some decent volume. Aparently I might need to run Dirac with volume calibration to fix it? Does any know or am I doing something else wrong?


Hi. I have a NAD M10 V2 connected to a pair of Kef LS50 meta, similar setup to yourself. The Kef speakers definitely need a bit of a power push. At about 70-75% volume is loud enough for me (and my wife and neighbours). I have used the Dirac software to tweak the sound for the room which is about 6m x 6m.

I just put the volume up to 80% just to see how it sounded using BluOS and Roon. I found it tolerable for both classical and jazz. But far too loud for me when playing anything rock or modern, the room was bouncing!

I do see variations in volume level, especially when using BluOS (and sometimes using Roon), for Amazon, Tidal, and local music files. So maybe have a look at that.

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