Need some education on Components

So, I’m confused or ignorant or both?!

My Home PC (Intel NUC w/ I7, 16G Ram and 2T storage) serves as my Roon Core. (This travels with me between WA and AZ homes.)

My Audio System in Arizona includes the following:
BlueSound Node 2i
Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier
Monitor Audio Gold 50 speakers

My Audio System in Washington includes the following:
Yamaha Home Theater Received
Bose 5.1 Speaker System

I also have a separate Bose 2.1 powered speakers and subwoofer that I can use direct from my PC if needed.

I’d like to send my Roon out to the Yamaha Home Theater system, but don’t have a BlueSound device up north.

So, I guess my questions are:
• What is the BlueSound Node 2i considered as a component in the AZ stereo? Is it a DAC? A Network Streaming Device? Both? Or something else?
• What kind/class of device do I need to augment the WA stereo?

I apologize for my ignorance, but my knowledge of Audio comes from the “pre DAC” and “pre Network Streaming” era.

Your Bluesound Node 2i is a streaming device that contains a DAC. The DAC coverts the digital signal to an analog signal and then sends that through your amp to your speakers.

Your Yamaha receiver includes a DAC. If you wanted to, you could probably connect your NUC directly to your receiver and use an iPad as a Roon control device. Or, you could purchase a Roon end-point or bridge device to connect to your Yamaha. It would be best for that device to connect to your network using ethernet, but WIFI is possible.

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Does the Yamaha support Airplay? If so, that would likely be an easy way to get started (though limited to CD resolution) - just hook it up via WiFi or Ethernet depending on what’s available.

You might get some ideas here.

THANK YOU for the suggestion. This is exactly what I ended up doing.

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I’m getting a Primare NP5 endpoint to plug into my Yamaha receiver. Don’t see how plugging in nuc would work. I’m building one now. How could it input signal to Yamaha ?

You can plug the NUC directly into your Receiver. I have my Nucleus plugged into my Oppo 203 DVD player using HDMI.

@Jim_F Wow. Are you saying the hdmi output of a nuc provides audio?! And the Nuc will be recognized as an endpoint? I plan to plug an external hdd with my music to the nuc. Will I lose any functionality with this setup ?


I think the receiver is probably the end-point, IDK. Maybe it would not work unless the receiver is Roon ready, which my Oppo is.

Ah, there’s the difference. My Yamaha is only dlna. So, I will be getting a primare NP5 endpoint.

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