Need some help with track live/studio mass correcting

Have some problems with live / non live tracks in roon.

I detected a couple of albums which are flagged LIVE while it’s tracks aren’t flagged LIVE at all while being so.
Looks to me as if object-oriented programming didn’t happen here, since an album isn’t a LIVE version if all it’s tracks aren’t at all? Might be that I manually flagged the album to be a LIVE version since it’s an unindentified ablum. But even then … shouldn’t the FLAG if set for the album also set the track to be live?

I also got albums which have a couple of LIVE tracks, which is ok that the album wasn’t flagged LIVE.
But it would have been nice if the tracks would be.

So I’m after a task to mass correct these.
From theory I would have simply renamed the titles (trailing "life ") so that could filter for these.
But then I found no ability to mass select and edit these in bulk form. Set LIVE to YES.

Is there really no way but to manually do this on a track by track task? next to 1000 wrong ones seen so far.

Help appreciated.

Free Live is a Bona Fide live album with one studio track at the end, all be it they had one man clapping in the studio in the finish… :joy:

You might ask for a tag “I rate this to be …” then, since if being studio or live is still the descision of the one who did it and released it that way.
And there’s surely artists where noone felt to clap hands at all :joy:

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Oh … found a way to get this solved. Wasn’t aware about the “LONG PRESS” upon a track which forces it to add it to the edit mode. This way it worked to enqueue bunches of tracks and then make them flagged “Live” all in one go.

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