Need to add several stations

I would request several stations added in the Los Angeles area. The Wave 94.7 fm, KEarth 1010 FM, Talk radio The Patriot 1150 am, and The Fish OC on 95.9 FM

I would also like to request that WERS 88.9 fm, the Emerson college radio station in Boston, be added. Thanks!

Hello @Gary_Cardinale, I was going over old threads and came across this one. It seems your request was never actioned, for which I apologise.

I’ve now added The Wave, K-Earth and The Fish OC. The first two are US only.

I’m afraid I couldn’t add The Patriot - it uses HLS streams and Roon cannot currently handle these. This is a known issue and Roon are aware.

Once again, my apologies.


Hello @Scott_Thompson, it seems your station has been added but you were not informed. I’m sorry about that; I usually try and keep on top of these requests but this one slipped by.



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