Need to copy db info for identified albums to new profile

Running Roon 1.8 legacy on windows.
Issue - I spent days manually identifying hundreds of albums that for some reason roon would not auto match. Same PC, same storage files, partner wants to log in to their account and use.
The problem - all the albums are again unidentified. Restoring backup does same thing, it just loads all files again from scratch.
Somebody please tell me, there must be some DB info file from profile A I can copy either the file, or file contents to, Profile B so that roon has these identified and I don’t have to waste another 40 hours of my life doing this again, PLEASE, for my sanity, HELP!!!

Hey @Alison_Tavener,

Ben here with the support team, thanks for taking the time to write in!

Can you provide more information around the other profile? I am able to see my saved and tailored library across multiple profiles on my end, so I’m curious what your setup around Profile B looks like.

What third-party app do you use to edit your metadata? Where do the files originate from?

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1:

pretty straightforward question, one old profile one new one - i think you misread what I am trying to achieve - I manually had to correct thousands of albums and want to copy that data to new profile, please answer the question as to what files / file contents this needs to be done with thank you.a

Hey @Alison_Tavener,

If you are using the same core machine with two different profiles, then your watched folders and local library should stay the same between both profiles. There is no misunderstanding here. :+1:

Please see the screenshots below showing 2 different profiles with the same local library:

Profile 1:

Profile 2:

In case you missed my previous question:

This will be helpful information to know, as the issue your experiencing is likely related. Thanks!

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