Need to Reset Old Roon Server Instance (ref#DN40LA)

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Roon server on linux. Drive failed. Installed new drive and reloaded linux and Roon server. No opportunity to log out of old server instance. Please reset or log me out of the old server WsLiMedia01 instance so I can login to the new one. I have a lifetime account under [moderated: email address removed]. New install has the same server name.

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No issues with the home network.

PROBLEM RESOLVED - Used Android to disconnect from Old instance of server

You don’t need help from support.

Just connect to your new server and login with your account credentials. You should then get a screen that looks like:

Once you are at this screen, click on the the “Unauthorize” button in the bottom right of the screen. The login and initial setup should then continue.


Thanks wade.
I did find it on my android.
Small screen so the “Unauthorize” option was not initially visible.

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Yes. I saw your edit to your original post just as I posted my reply.

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