Need to restart HQPlayer after Vega DAC wakes from sleep

Hello Auralic Vega users,
Just wondering if you have to restart HQP after your Vega wakes from sleep?
I’m currently leaving the HQP/RoonServer on but putting the Vega to sleep when not being used.
When I wake the Vega up I’m finding HQP doesn’t respond and needs to be restarted.

Which OS and backend are you using?

Windows 10
Current version of HQPlayer desktop
Current version of RoonServer [v1.2 Build 123] (previous version had same issue)

Is it ASIO driver? Typically ASIO drivers don’t tolerate powering down DACs while in use (loaded)…

With WASAPI backend it should kind of work, but I have not tested much.

Yes. Using ASIO driver.
Just tried using the WASPI driver and it doesn’t connect to the Vega.
Is there a magic setting?

No magic settings… What do you mean it doesn’t connect to the Vega? Vega doesn’t appear on the device list?

Correct. It’s not in the sound device list.
I think it’s the new motherboard that has USB ports that can have the power turned off.
I’ll do some more testing.

Found something weird with W10. It seems when using Remote Desktop, the dropdown menus in HQP doesn’t display all the interfaces properly. Need to be using the PC directly.

So, I’ve got HQP doing DSD64 via WASAPI to the Vega, BUT,
I can’t get it to connect at DSD128.
Is this a limitation of the WASAPI interface with HQP and the Vega?

For DSD128 with WASAPI (using DoP), the DAC needs to expose 352.8/384k PCM sampling rates. If it has only 176.4/192k rates available then it is limited to DSD64. This is just due to how DoP works… (16 bits of DSD data per PCM sample)

Got it.
So with DSD 64 over WASAPI, I still have to restart HQP after the DAC wakes from a sleep.
The track appears to start playing in Roon, but after 1—2 secs, Roon reports that it has lost the endpoint. Restarting HQP fixes that.

Please make sure HQPlayer is in stopped state before turning DAC to sleep mode.

If you could email me a HQPlayer log file of this problem happening, it would help figuring out where things go wrong…

I’ve narrowed down the issue.
It seems if a Remote Desktop session is active, HQP won’t find the WASAPI endpoint. It will work fine if there’s no RDP session. Here’s a portion of the log which shows a good connection, and then a failure when RDP is on.
I’ve emailed the log file to support.
Hope you can isolate why HQP is misbehaving through RDP

& 2016/04/18 14:39:19 Set transport (240): C:\Users\syd\AppData\Local\HQPlayer\current.m3u8
# 2016/04/18 14:39:19 clPlaylist::AddURI(""): clStreamReaderHTTP::GetHead(): 404
# 2016/04/18 14:39:19 clMainWindow::setTransport(): clHQPlayerEngine::SetTransport(): failed
& 2016/04/18 14:39:45 Playlist clear