Need to restore my Roon database but Backup does not "see" my most recent backups

Roon Core Machine

Gigabyte BRIX i7 16GB running ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connected hardwired to end points via ASUS AC66 router

Connected Audio Devices

Four end points: Logitech Transporter (ethernet), Logitech Touch (ethernet), iMac (ethernet) w. Dragonfly Red USB DAC, Raspberry Pi4 with DAC top hat
Wireless control via Lenovo Thinkpad T25 (Windows 10), or Samsung Galaxy 9 Smartphone

Library Size

Approximately 36,000 tracks. About 24,000 are locally stored on the BRIX data drive which is a Samsung 860 SSD.

Description of Issue

I’ve been a happy Roon customer since 2015. I’ve had few problems, but now I’ve got one that I can’t solve myself. I just got back from a 2-week vacation, and I left my ROCK running while I was away. Last night, when I started Roon (windows 10) control app, I got a message that a new version of Roon was available so I clicked “update all” and went off to feed the dog while it upgraded.

When I got back, I could not start Roon. I’d get the logo screen and then it would quit. This was true regardless of which controller I tried (Windows 10, Android, or MacOS). So I logged onto the ROCK web interface which showed that the core was running. I tried re-starting the core. I restarted my 3 end-points (2 Squeezeboxes + 1 MacOS/Dragonfly DAC). No joy. This is the first time I can remember when an upgrade from Roon killed my system.

At that point I decided to re-install the Operating System. I got a message that I’d need to de-authorize my core but would not lose any data on it. So I did that, and afterwards everything worked. Easy Peasy. But when I tried to restore my database, that’s when I ran into trouble. I did make a new backup of the now-working Roon database, but I’m missing more than 10,000 tracks. The new backup was labelled 54ec8cf0-4d59-9a16-c4bf-4651ed984ae2

I have automatic backup set to weekly save my Roon database to my ethernet-connected QNAP NAS on my network. It might be relevant to note that shortly before I left on vacation, I updated the QNAP with a much stronger password, but I forgot to change the permissions for the ROCK backup, so any backups over the last 2 weeks failed. But I have (or thought I had) regular backups for the preceeding 4 months. Unfortunately, I can’t find them with the Roon Backup file browser.

After digging with Explorer, I found Three apparent backup sets:

  • First one labeled: 54ec8cf0-4d59-9a16-c4bf-4651ed984ae2 is the only one seen by the Backup browser which sees backups there from September 2017 to May 2018. These dates correspond to the time before ROCK when I ran the Core Roon software under Windows 10 on this machine.

  • Second: 34119ad0-8eb9-53b8-d6f1-b4ad04183c57 is Not Seen by Backup browser.

  • Third – In another directory: 34119ad0-8eb9-53b8-d6f1-b4ad04183c57 is Not Seen by Backup Browser, but based on date stamps should have all my 2021 backups, including the last backup from 2 weeks ago. Is there any way for me to access and restore from these backups?

I assume my de-authorization made these invisible to my Roon installation. It was a little bit strange to find backups from 4 years ago as the only ones seen by the Backup Browser. Somehow my identity has reverted and my backups have gone incognito.

Is there any way you can help me recover these backups? Can I de-authorize again and somehow restore my Roon identity so that I can see my backups from 2 weeks ago?

I sincerely hope I have not lost all my playlists and history for the past 3 years!

Thanks for your help!

Hello @CometCKO,

Thank you for taking the time to share with us the situation you’re in. We appreciate that and we’re very sorry you ran into it in the first place :sweat: . We’re ready to do anything we can to help you recover your data.

To clarify, de-authorizing your Core has no effect over your database. That is stored locally on your machine. Your database is only connected to your Roon account so, as long as you’re using the same Roon account all backups should be visible and you should be able to restore them.

A first step to try would be to move your entire Roon Backups folder to a USB drive and use that to restore your database.

Next, could you please check if you can find in one of your backup folders or subfolders a file titled Roon_Backup_root.

Sharing a few screenshots with us wouldn’t hurt at all. Screenshots of your backup folders and subfolders.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Thanks so much for getting back to me Rebeka. After I spent hours on this last week, I gave up for a while and left the Roon app running in the background for a week. Imagine my surprise when I checked today and found my local music all accounted for with history and playlists. Missing was Tidal. So I disconnected Tidal, then logged in again. After a 15-or-20 minute wait, I found my full Tidal “library” has been restored. Playlists are now back and I think all is well. Also my last successful external backup now shows up in my backup folder.

Thanks again for your support! I’m happy that Roon is robust enough to self-repair after a full reload.

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