Need Track Ratings

Roon badly needs ratings for individual tracks. Pretty much ever other player software does that.

Album ratings are or little or no value when you want to listen to your top songs. Favorites isn’t adequate – doesn’t allow you to distinguish between songs I want to hear all the time, most of the time, and some of the time.


Hint, you can create a Tag „5 Stars“ and tag your favorite songs with this tag. It is not so comfortable but works for me.

That’s not really acceptable in expensive software. We shouldn’t have to use hacks to achieve what should be simple functionality.

Not only should Roon provide a mechanism for rating individual tracks, it should be able to import these rating from things like iTunes.

If we ever get anything resembling smart playlists, individual track ratings will be indispensable.


That’s not really acceptable in expensive software.



I agree. I am currently in my free trial period and am evaluating whether to switch from JRiver Media Center. The inability to import ‘Rating’ info from tags is a huge downside.

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