Need urgent help - no initialising with qnap be253 nas


i have the Roon server installed on my Qnap BE253 NAS and never had an issue and now i do…
Android and the Qnap and it won’t initialize.

The QNAP 253 says it’s ‘running’ but the Android and Ipad won’t connect and says ‘initializing’? its very frustrating and I’m not sure what to do?

I have a Project Streambox Ultra s2 as the streamer and Chord Qutest TT2 Dac

please can someone help ASAP. thanks

You haven’t been got by the QNAP hack have you ?

Have you rebooted everything ?

This is where the Fing app helps, you can have a look at your network etc…

Thanks Chris… It’s weird as I downhrafed the firmware in the NAS to a February version and now it’s working but it refused to connect on the current version. I’m wondering if Roon has kept up with the QNAP firmware since it’s had 2 new tweaks since Feb.

See how it goes but so far so good.

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Make sure you have the Qnap Malware remover app fitted and up to date. Free in their App Store.

Hi @Adam_Hextall

The first thing I notice is that this NAS is a bit underpowered compared to what we recommend. Not sure if that’s the issue here, but that could be playing into it.

Since experiencing this have you tried rebooting the QNAP? Sometimes if Roon is stuck initializing it means the Core machine is in a bad state and a reboot will often help.

The Nas has 6gb of ram and not that old . Relatively new model.i thought ?

I have rebooted and the firmware downgrade fixed the issue. Are you sure Roon is working properly with the latest Qnap firmware ? Could there be a handshake issue ? Thanks

Absolutely no problem here running QTS

Qnap TVS 471 i3 16GB Ram runs perfect on latest firmware…