Need volume trim for output devices

Rghw===As the Roon volume trim seems aimed at differences in input sources only and not the relative volumes for different output devices (I am using Roon Nucleus with Arcam 21 home theater receiver, a Node and Yamaha MusicCast streaming players with and without separate power amps and MusicCast speakers) it would be nice if I could adjust the volume range to that a 50 setting would produce the same output on all devices. I could use a free Android app to measure the sound pressure in each room and adjust a Roon volume trim so that each room and device would produce about the same sound level for the same numerical Roon volume level. If there is a way to do this (not setting volume limits) that I have missed please let me know.

Hi Bill, welcome here!
Roon’s possibilities are like a treasure chest…

Each of those endpoints can separately be trimmed with their own DSP profile using i.e. procedural equalizer or speaker setup.
Give the Roon knowledge-base article links a read and come back if anything needs more explanation.

I’m pretty sure, that’ll fix you up - have fun!