Needledrop sounds destroys my listening

Running Roon server on Asus NUC I5 CPU 1,8 GHz and 8 GB Ram. Threaded throughout the house. About a month ago I upgraded my Primare Pre 35 with DAC card and put in its Prisma mediacard MC 35. Sound, handling and stability improved.
About a week ago I noticed that while playing music there was these blrp sounds now and then. Almost like needledrops or the sound of playing vinyl on a dusty LP. Sometimes it’s once every minute, sometimes every 5 seconds.
Lately I’ve added a few programs to the Pc. Jriver, dB Poweramp and Medieval Cue Splitter.
This morning I started playing with The Beatles White Album the MQA version and couldn’t hear the problems of late. Played the entire original album without the bad sounds. As I clicked back to the overview to select another album I got some Tidal error message and then Roon said it skipped 88 tracks of the deluxe White Album. “ Currently not available in Tidal”. Roon the broke down and I was thrown out. When trying to reenter I got the Tidal login problem that I’ve had even after the latest update.
When I finally managed to get it going again the worst part entered. Chose a Sammy Hagar album and the clicking needledrop missounds were back with a vengeance. Been playing the album through now and every 5-10 seconds I get that blrp sounds. Very annoying, hate it.
Help please​:weary::weary:
Couldn’t help but to notice the connection between update, Tidal login issue and the wretched sound.

Tried playing Tidal through the Primare Prisma app and so far no problems.

Tidal desktop app on the same NUC also fine. Wow! No one has anything on this?

I’d start with the basics

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)


Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)


Description Of Issue

Ok. Some repetition, some new info.
Asus Nuc 3 gen, I5 1.8 ghz, 8gb Ram. Windows 10, build 555

Hardwired all over the house. A erhernet split about a meter from Nuc and Preamp ( with DAC and mediacard/ endpoint). From split Ethernet to both NUC and Preamp/ endpoint.

Primare Pre35 with DAC and mediacard MC35. When I installed the mediacard I went from USB to Ethernet. Still have the USB in place but haven’t used it for awhile.

Issue is that have these not very loud noises. Quite subtle. See first post. No problems when stream from Tidal desktop app located on the same Nuc. I think then I’m using USB from nuc to Pre35 DAC with the USB cable.
Also no problem streaming Tidal or local files with Primares own app Prisma.

Is it correct to say you only get the pops with ethernet into the mediacard? This doesn’t happen when connected by USB?
From what I saw, this Primare implementation of a Roon Compatible streamer is something of a Chromecast implementation. Is that correct?
Do the pops happen at all resolutions or only at higher resolutions? Could you show a screenshot of the signal path?

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Thanks for interest! So far yes, I only get pops with ethernet into the mediacard. Until it becomes Roon ready, which I hear is imminent, it is a Chromecast solution. With usb( bypassing mediacard) no pops.
BUT, Primares Prisma app is connected by Ethernet ( Chromecast) and Tidal and local files plays w/o problems.
Playing music for just an hour yesterday and don’t think I heard the pops one time. :crossed_fingers:

So, been listening for about 90 minutes this morning. Started with bypassing the mediacard (Ethernet) going with usb straight to DAC. No pops or blrps.
Switched to Ethernet in to the mediacard. The first minute, perfect. No pops. Actually started having worries about my sanity this last week.
Then it started… The first ones really subtle. Maybe 2-3 times in each song. Even between songs. Switched back to usb, no pops.
Suppose I could stay on usb but I bought the mediacard to have an endpoint.

Do you know if there are any firmware updates available for the card or your Primare unit?

Oh! Resolutions doesn’t affect performance. Gonna check updates. Thx Scott.

Might also help to know the router and switches. If this is a network problem, those need to be considered.

Heard from Primare that it might be a problem with a recent CC update. Let’s see what happens. They are looking into it.

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While waiting for assistance from Primare I went into the Roon DSP. Started with headroom management and activating it at -3. No difference, still pops and blrps.
Then I deactivated sample rate conversion and after about 10 hours of listening I haven’t had a single pop or blrp.
Happy to avoid those noises but something is wrong.

So what was sample rate conversion doing before you turned it off?

I would check Roons processing speed when you have resampling on to, it could be a performance issue related to that if it goes away when it’s off, it’s an older NuC after all. Or you may need to apply more headroom. -3 is only a guide and you may need more. You can see processing speed in now playing by clicking on the signal path dot, check when your applying resampling.

But it works fine via USB. It only happens when playing to the Primare network interface card.

It was upsampling. Up to 24/192. But it’s been working w o problems before, and then with the core as endpoint also.

Thanks I’ll look into that.

Yes it has and still does.

Network interface should have no problem with that; but I’m thinking clock sync or buffer issues between network card and DAC that the usb interface doesn’t suffer from.

You might try turning upsampling back on at (say) 24/96 and see if it’s any different, but I think you’re going to have to wait to see what Primare have to say.

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