Neil Young Archives - Roon Integration

I want to subscribe to NYA but waiting for Roon integration…c’mon get it together, if you can do it for Tidal, surely Neil can be roon readified?

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Not ‘dissing’ your feature request, just an aside …

I had boss once who’s catchphrases were “surely it can’t be that hard” / “surely it must work this way” she lasted 12 months :wink:

Shirley must have been relieved when that boss departed.


Twice in one day for the same joke is pushing it. :slight_smile:

Bullocks, I am afraid she works in my company now…

But do not hold your breath for the NYA integration. Seeing that roon requires a more “indepth” connection compared to all the bolt on integrations done by the competitors and Neil being Neil, I just don’t see this happening. Would love it though!

Neil is idiosyncratic, but I think he has a genuine commitment to hi-res music. If someone could give him a presentation, showing that he can retain his membership structure and that there is no quality issue, then I would hope he could see the benefit.

Yeah, you can tell by the web design of his NYA service. Given the uniqueness of the interface I doubt he would go for Roon integration. Meanwhile, you can get most of his catalog already through Tidal.

This reminded me of when Neil visited Meridian Audio.

And don’t call me Shirley

Bluesound’s latest BluOS 3.8.13 release includes a direct integration with the Neil Young Archives in 192/24 hi res playback.

I must say, I would love to see them integrated directly in roon…please?