Neil Young Duplicates and Triplicates

Difficult to know where to start with this Neil Young Archive, Vol. 1 from Qobuz. It’s every band he played with between 1963 and 1972. Almost every band is duplicated in some way. It really looks as if two data sources with different cataloging conventions was just joined rather than merged in some way.

I was actually trying to add my own local copy and then I am getting triplicates, I assume because I have import set to merge roon and file.

I see those duplications in my local copy of Archives Vol. 1. I eliminated them by selecting all tracks, go into the track editor (3 dot menu) top left, then to Edit Tracks tab, then Remove Credits drop down. You’ll see that The Squires are listed multiple times as Primary Artist. I deleted all but one of those and the duplicated entries vanished from the track listing. You can do the same for other multiple listings, such as Crazy Horse.

Thanks. I have already edited them. I posted so roon can fix it at source so no one else has to do it.