Neil Young’s book on Pono, Atlantic review

The musician wrote his new book, To Feel the Music , the same way he makes records—according to a highly evolved aesthetic of half-assedness…

To Feel the Music is the story of Pono, which was Neil Young’s quixotic attempt to create and sell a new kind of portable music player and download service. Something that didn’t crush recorded sound into nasty little MP3s.

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I’m surprised this post didn’t get any comments. I have just finished reading the book and immediately came to the Roon community thinking there would be a big discussion on it.

Neil Young’s “To feel the music” is one of the best book I have ever read. I realize it might not be for everyone, but as a music lover and someone who works in product development, this book kept me hooked and gave me a lot to think about. It was a pleasure to read, even though I only know a couple of his albums and did not know anything about him aside from the music on those albums.

I read it a while back , it did start to sound like a one man crusade.

That said the 192 remasters can’t rescue old recordings, the early albums still sound a bit shabby


And I think that’s his point. What he says is digital will never reach analog’s richness, but the very least we should be doing is transferring everything to highest quality digital before old recordings sitting at the record companies disintegrate.

Analog > digital high res > disintegrated

Worse than that, many Masters were obliterated in the fire:

Neil will be left with his rose tinted audio memory, but not a lot else unfortunately.

Yep. And it’s not the only case of material lost due to fires.