Nelson Pass ACA v1.6 kit

Pre-order available at diyAudio
(ends tomorrow)

Never ever tried using a soldering iron :stuck_out_tongue: but… I ordered two (to set up as mono blocks)

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Nelson is a legend…as all my speakers are actives ( I would need far to many of these to make a setup. But he has done an asp for the Lxmini that I might just grab…diy is fun, just take your time and you will be rewarded with good bang for buck.

yes, he is :slight_smile:
I’m on flea power SETs (102dB speakers here) and only SS amplifiers I always looked at with interest are his First Watt ones so… these should at least give me an idea

even though… 15W per channel (if built as mono blocks)… I’m truly scared by that much power :grimacing:



Looks like it would be great to drive a HiFiMan HE-1000.