Nested playlists

I always suspected that this was a limitation of iTunes that became a feature - because I never saw Apple call attention to it - but once I found it, it worked great.

When multiple playlists were placed inside a folder, that folder could be played as a playlist itself. The outcome was that I could make a few hundred smart playlists the resulted in a few songs apiece, and throw five of them at a time into a folder. Now I have an instant playlist of 25 songs that reflect my general preference without my having programmed it specifically. (The playlists might have been, say, the least-recently played top tracks of five different artists.)

I plan to post another comment about how I’d like to see metadata used to make something like smart playlists / Genius, but for this comment I’d just like to post that I found nesting playlists a really useful feature.


I’d love to see this in roon

Thank you

Nested playlists would be really great. It could be implemented like Genres and Subgenres. If I could set a description and an image like in iTunes it would be perfect.

I have posted and idea whereby playlists are more like a macro and execute any number of “commands,” like:

  1. Play these 10 songs in this order
  2. Shuffle this artist for 30 minutes
  3. Play this Internet radio station for 60 minutes
  4. Close Roon.

That’s a great idea. The search field could also support natural language so we can dictate what we want to hear. :wink: