NetGear ReadyNAS 102 and file notifications

Does anyone out there use the above NAS for music file storage? If so, do you have to manually Force Rescan to have new albums show up in Roon?

I checked my shares within the NAS and SMB is turned on so not sure if something else has to set OR maybe the 102 does not support file notification.

Thanks in advance, Dave

In general inode info from NAS file systems is not sent over SMB so Roon won’t get it. I do not have the 102, but several older ReadyNAS units like NV and Ultra 2. When the music folder is mounted from any of these I must Force Rescan to discover changes immediately.
The only time real time watching worked was when I had the music on a USB disk directly attached to my Roon Core server (running Debian. File system, ext4, was created on the Debian machine. Maybe not necessary, but anyway…)

I moved from NAS to locally attached storage for this reason.

Yes, I use a ReadyNAS Pro2 (based on the Ultra 2+) and inode notifications back to Roon Core or any other server such as Asset UPnP server.
So the periodic rescan is needed. Plus when I add or change anything in my Library, I just make a scan and check that what I am expecting is the case - it takes no time at all for a full rescan of a 8TB library of 85k tracks.

Thanks everyone. Yes, I just do rescan every time I add new albums


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same here since I moved from a local usb drive to the 204 ReadyNAS few days ago, I figure it out with this setting (automatic rescan internal) set to 1 hour as workaround:

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