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I have a Netgear wifi system. Main router and then I used a Mesh system as a “slave” to put satellites in my basement and first floor. Works flawlessly for our tablets and a pioneer internet radio throughout the whole house and back yard.

I have the roon nucleus hardwired directly into the main router. I also have the main mesh "cube hardwired directly into the main router.

I installed a roon remote app on my new samsung a12 tablet and it connects to roon just fine in the room where I have the main router and the nuclleus set up.

when I leave that room the samsung tablet roon remote application does NOT recognize my nucleus.

Is there some sort of network setting that is preventing theroon to communicate through the mesh satellite extenders??

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It sounds like your mesh wi-fi is on a different subnet to your router and when the remote is on the mesh wi-fi, it can’t see your core. I’m not familiar with Netgear mesh systems. Perhaps someone who’s more familiar with them can assist further.

If running the Mesh into a router that is not running as a modem, it generally creates a hybrid second network with all the Mesh devices on and the nodes on the Mesh can often see the router network but not the other way around.

I have had to fix this for a few friends and family who did not want to mess with the ISP supplied router.

The solution in these cases was to plug a switch into the Master Mesh AP that is plugged into the iSP supplied router and move all devices to that network switch and then there is only the router on the other network.

Now this will create a double NAT issue for something like ARC to connect to your Roon, but it should fix this immediate issue.

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Michael - Thank you for responding. I had to re log into my Network on my tablet after I updated the firmware on my nighthawk and mesh systems. That solved the problem.

I went to great pains when setting up the nighthawk main router and then integrating the mesh system into it. I have the mesh set up as a “slave” basically. I live in a house that’s over 120 years old. I wish I had the whole house wired with CAT 5…

The wifi works pretty well given the obstacles that I have.

Thank you again for reaching out.

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