Network access to Nucleus+ Drive unstable

I have a Samsung 2TB SSD connected to my Nucleus+. I notice that when I access the Nucleus-attached SSD from a computer on my network, the SSD gets disconnected all the time. If I perform some ‘intensive’ operation, e.g. if I try to copy files in/out of the SSD, the drive just disappears, my Nuclues+ no longer sees the drive and I have to reboot it to see the drive again. Has anyone have similar experience?

Can you reproduce the issue where it hangs? Please don’t reboot after, but leave your machine in that state, and let me know… I’ve enabled deeper logging on your machine.

You mean you have the ability to remote access settings on my Nucleus+ without asking me for permission first???
Once I reproduce the problem, I just leave it hanging until when? Do I contact you? Please be clear with your instructions.

I have the ability to push a command to your device telling it to turn on advanced diagnostics. I have another command that can be used to pull these diagnostics. This is all noted in our privacy policy.

As this is a strange hardware interaction, the diagnostics I want to turn on is too expensive to run normally.

I need you to reproduce the issue you have described and then do not reboot. “Let me know” by posting here, so I know I can pull the logs. One I’ve gotten the logs, you may reboot. I’ll let you know by posting here.

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The issue has been reproduced. I can no longer access the attached SSD to my Nucleus+ on my network. Pls take a look.

what is your drive formatted as? ExFAT?

Also, it is unclear from your post, is this drive attached via USB?

ExFAT, yes.
USB, yes.

FYI it happens with any HDD I attach to it, not exclusive to this SSD.

You can reboot, I have what I need.

I think we need an upgraded exFAT driver. You are getting an exFAT processing error - the issue seems to possibly be addressed in a build of the Linux exFAT driver as of Feb 3, 2018.

I will look into making a new Roon OS build w/ updated exFAT driver in the next day or so. Let’s see if that helps.

Thanks. Look forward to the new build.
I was told to format the drive in exFAT by Enno. I assume that is the best format for external HDD?

Well, if you can do ext3/4, that is ideal for Linux, but it won’t work anywhere else.

If you have a 2tb SSD, is there a reason you didn’t mount the drive inside the Nucleus+? Then you’d have a totally clean single unit system.

I am planning to. I just have not had time to look whether I can take the SSD out of the enclosure or not.

be aware you will need to reformat it if you move it inside.

you might need to break the enclosure, but you almost surely can (assuming that it is a 2.5" disk inside and not m.2 format)

i will probably just buy an internal SSD instead of breaking this one open. I have other use for this…

I released a new roon os just now – build 158 – try it out and let me know how it goes. I hope the exFAT on your drive is not damaged.

If you end up getting an ssd for internal usage, you wont have any of these issues

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Hi, my drive has ‘disappeared’ again! Can you pls check the log? Thanks.


Can I reboot? It’s been a day…

You can reboot… if build 158 did not work, you may have a corrupt exFAT … I’m going to try to get our QA team to reproduce this. for now, going with your ssd-installed-internally scheme is probably the best way to avoid these issues.

new SSD coming tomorrow, will take a while to copy everything over.