Network bridge to stream DSD to my 818v3 via USB

I am looking to rip my SACD’s and stream to my 818v3. I’m looking for a MS200 type product that is networkable and compatible with high bitrate PCM and DSD.

Any suggestions?
Intel NUC with USB output to 818v3?
Anyone achieved this already?

The microRendu seems to be quite popular device.
However, I’m not aware of anyone using it with an 818v3 … but I don’t foresee any reason why it would not work.

I use a Squeezebox Touch with the EDO plugin.

I am waiting for Meridian to provide a solution.

I also hope that Meridian provide an update to get this in through the ID4x card. In the mean time I use an rPi with Roon bridge. Cost me about £40.

DSP speaker displays DSD too when fed by such material.

Nick, you mean a Raspberry Pi ? What OS do they run? Intriguing.

Hi Mike,
Yes. Exactly that. There is a whole area on this forum for the rPi including some really good step by step guides written by some fellow forum members.

Take a quick tour and see what you think.

Thanks, Nick. I think I will buy one and try it out. Thanks for the confirmation DSD works.