Network can't find Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

Using Roon Nucleus as the Core.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router is from ATT BGW 320. Nucleus is plugged directly into router via ethernet cable

Connected Audio Devices

I use the Nucleus from a USB cable to Schiit Bifrost as well as wifi to Bluesound Node, Sonos Connect and Wiim Mini

Number of Tracks in Library

Probably around 4k downloaded to hard drive on Nucleus as well as multiple streaming services.

Description of Issue

I am unable to connect to the Nucleus. It was working fine several days ago and then the next day (and every time since) I have not been able to connect.

@Josh_Crews, welcome to the community and sorry to hear about your issues. Just a fellow user here, but have you rebooted your BGW320, then your Nucleus, and then any other network-attached devices Roon to which needs to connect?

If booting as above doesn’t work, attach a monitor to the Nucleus at boot time and see if there is a display.

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Also, try shutting down the Nucleus (power off), then start it back up.

I think that’s called a reboot.

No, two different things.

Please elaborate?

Hard reboot vs. soft reboot

A reboot may be a cold reboot or hard reboot, which means the power was physically shut off and then turned back on. It can also be a warm reboot or soft reboot, which means the system restarted without loss of power.

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Yes. I have powered down the Nucleus, waited about 30 seconds and powered back up. Didn’t work. I have also powered down the Nucleus, then powered down the router. Waited another 30 seconds, powered the router back up and when it was back online brought the Nucleus back up. Also didn’t work

Can you replace the Ethernet cable between the Nucleus and your router? Does the router show your Nucleus as being connected in its list of connected devices?

Yes, several times

I hooked the Nucleus up to a monitor and when it powers on it has a black screen that says ROON in the center pretty quickly. The screen has 2 boxes in the upper right corner that say Setup & Bootlist respectively. After several minutes these 2 boxes go away and in the upper left corner of the screen a text line comes up and says a bootable device has not been detected.

You may have a failed OS drive in the Nucleus. Did you purchase it from Roon directly or from a dealer? If from a dealer, you should contact them about getting support. If from Roon, we can tag the support staff for you.

I have swapped out the ethernet cable with no difference. I just went into the router and found the Nucleus. However next to status it says off, however the machine is not off. I think this may be the issue. How do we get it to turn on?

Are you seeing both a green and an amber light on your Nucleus’ Ethernet port? Given that your HDMI output showed that a bootable device was not detected, I believe your issue is with your internal drive supporting the Roon OS.

As @Robert_F says, you most likely have a failed OS drive, based on the symptoms that you have reported. Please let us know whether you purchased your Nucleus from a dealer or directly from Roon. Thanks.

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Yes, I see a solid amber light and what appears to be a blinking green light.

As @Geoff_Coupe and I believe, best to either contact your dealer or let us know if we can help tag Roon support for you.

Yes I have reached out to the dealer and will see how recommend we proceed.


Hi @Josh_Crews,

Please let me know what they say. We have an internal RMA process for in-warranty support of Nucleus.