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I am looking for information about a connection between the Nucleus, which I would like to purchase, and the Micro Rendu. That should be a network connection, but I only see one network entrance at the back of the Nucleus. Does it mean that this combination is not possible? Or is there a solution for it?
I want to know this because my streamer, a La Rosita Gamma HD (containing the Micro Rendu and the USB-DAC), can only be connected with a network cable (RJ45).

Thanks in advance for the information, Bert.

Networks are built up by using network switches - these act as distribution points - you plug your networked equipment into the switch; you don’t make direct connections between each piece of equipment. See here for more information:

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Thanks Geoff,

Maybe not the right place but…
My next two questions are:

  1. Can I transfer Roon with my life-time account from my server to the Nucleus? Will the life-time account remain valid or is it tied to the first device it is installed on?
  2. Can HQPlayer 4 Embedded be transferred from my server to the Nucleus or is it bound to the first device it is installed on?
    In both cases, the software programs are removed from the server.

Thanks for answering, Bert.

  1. Yes, you can transfer your license between computers that are running Roon Core (e.g. from a PC running Roon Server to a Nucleus). See here:
  1. I don’t know; I’m not an HQPlayer user. But I don’t believe that you can run HQPlayer on a Nucleus. The Nucleus is an appliance for running Roon; it’s not a general purpose computer.

I believe its the later but @jussi_laako would be authority on that. I think maybe you can still point Roon to the embedded step, but again best for Jussi to advise. I too dont use HQP either.


I did sent a message to Jussi. But I’m afraid too that you can’t install it on a Nucleus. I guess I’ve got to look for an other solution.


Why not just leave HQPlayer where it is (on the server)? The Nucleus can stream to HQPlayer over the network.

The Nucleus is not an open system and other software cannot be loaded onto it, by design.

If you need to run other software, like HQPlayer, than a computer running Windows/Linux or MacOS would be your option if you want 1 box with both running.

Given that If you are using HQPlayer to any big degree, this would already be a given considering the computing power that HQP requires, which can easily be beyond any laptop CPU driven device. (imho)

As others have mentioned, you can setup a 2 box system. One computer is running Roon which then sends the output to the second computer running HQPlayer, which then sends the audio to the endpoint. In this scenario, HQPlayer would be the one controlling the final leg of distribution, and your endpoints would need to be HQPlayer (NAA) endpoints not Roon.


First I will explain how I came to this question to avoid unusable advice. Nevertheless, I would like to thank everyone who takes the trouble to think along.
Since nearly 2 years I have a computer / server with installed Roon and HQPlayerd. From there the signal goes to a streamer with the Micro Rendu and the DAC. Unfortunately, this server gives problems from the beginning and from time to time another problem arises. Currently, when playing, I get the message <Playback failed because Roon couldn’t connect to HQPlayer>. Moreover, I no longer see the configuration page of HQPlayerd. The errors keep on piling up hence I am looking for another solution. I live in the Netherlands and the server is from the United States. That now causes a lot of hassle with the support. Moreover, it concerns 2 software programs from other American companies, which makes it even more complicated. The only solution I see is a server that I can purchase in the Netherlands so that I can turn to the seller with problems to get professional support and where I can claim under warranty . Unfortunately, this does not work with the American seller(s).
Furthermore, I don’t want to work with two devices, just like now it should be a server with room for Roon and HQPlayerd. The Nucleus therefore falls off.
If you have a good alternative for me, please let me know.

Greetings, Bert Dijkstra.

If you want one machine to run both then your options are limited from a dedicated audio server perspective and a Nucleus is out of the picture as its Roon only.

Antipodes EX can run both but is not cheap, SGC Sonic Transporters also can and more reasonably priced but assume you have one already? AudioStore products in the UK likely to as they run same os more or less as the Sonic Transporters. Most dedicated audio servers though are pretty low CPU spec and not good enough. You have to spend a lot to get fast CPU and all the trappings that come with a supposed Audio grade product.

Best spec out a pc capable of running both and build it yourself or buy one preassembled and use the OS of your choice. Will be cheaper and likely better at managing HQ players heavy work.

I think you could run Roon and HQPlayer on an Intel NUC using linux (Ubuntu Server)

I was previously using Roon on a NUC running Ubuntu 20.04 with LMS, Plex and PiHole without any issues.

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your suggestion.
Because of the Micro Rendu a server with the OS Sonicorbiter would be preferable to manage the hole system. That’s what I think but maybe I’m wrong.


The Rendu doesn’t care about the originating server or server OS. RoonServer run on any OS will talk to the Rendu just fine.

NUCs are mobile CPUs. Hqplayer can easily cripple Desktop CPUs depending on settings. It certainly couldn’t handle the settings I prefer.


Thanks all for helping me. I just got my HQPlayerd working. Hopefully for a long time. I did write a manual how to reinstall HQPlayerd on a sonicTransporter. You can find it in the Topics from HQPlayer.

Greetings, Bert

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