Network Connection Issue Starting from Nucleus One Through Switches to Router (ref#O8RDEO)

What's happening with your Nucleus?

· Nucleus turns on, but I can't connect to it

Is the Nucleus showing up after pressing the Configure RoonOS button?

· No

Please try to reboot your Nucleus

· false

Please try rebooting your network equipment

· false

The Nucleus HDMI output can provide very useful diagnostic information. This process will involve connecting the Nucleus via HDMI to a TV or monitor and then checking to see what is being displayed.

· Yes, I am willing to try the HDMI test

On the Nucleus HDMI output, what do you see?

· "Searching for network address..."

Are the lights on Nucleus' Ethernet port showing either a solid or a blinking pattern?

· Yes, the lights illuminate

Is your Nucleus plugged directly into your router, or is it connected through something else first (like a network switch, powerline adapters, range extenders etc.)?

· Through other devices

Did bypassing additional network gear resolve the issue ?

· false

Try connecting your Nucleus to a different port on your router.

· false

Did replacing the Ethernet cable resolve the issue with your Nucleus connection?

· I don't have spare cable for a test

Describe your network setup

A plink switch which is connected to a switch which is connected to a router

Describe the issue

My nucleus one can't make a network connection it is connected to a switch which is connected to another switch which is connected to a router

Hi @Robert_Swartz,

Thanks for writing in! The first and best test you can start with is getting a temporary hardwire ethernet connection from your Nucleus directly to your router - bypassing all network gear.

Let me know if you have the same issues afterward. :raised_hands:

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