Network Connections

I’m currently using Roon on a mac mini, controlled by an i-pad. The Mac is connected to my dac via usb.
My music files are stored on a Synology NAS, and all, ( dac, mac mini, and NAS) are hardwired via ethernet to a network switch.
I’d like to try to use Roon through the ethernet connection on my dac, as opposed to usb, as there is a definite improvement in sound. Is this possible? Thanks for any help

Bit difficult to say without knowing what the DAC is.

If thats the case, does the DAC not also appear in audio setup as a network endpoint?

That’s the problem. I can’t get it show in the list of available zones unless it is connected via usb

I’m using a Dartzeel LHC-208, which is an integrated amp with dac

This DAC will indeed not show up when plugged in via the ethernet input. By the looks of it, the dac supports dlna / upnp on the ethernet input, something that Roon does not provide.

Thanks for clarifying

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