Network connectivity issue with Tidal

I updated the Tital software in the tidal app yesterday. In Roon, playing songs from Tidal, music stops, says connectivity problem with Tidal. can you advise? I have closed the Tidal app and restarted the PC.
Still happens. Windows 7, output to PSAudio DAC.

I have the same problem still. For sure not a network problem at my end, also not a Tidal streaming problem as the Tidal app streams fine.

After excluding all other possibilities the only thing that remains is a software issue in RoonServer and/or RAATServer.

I would appreciate when @brian could investigate. I’d be happy to share all logs and other information needed.


Try logging out of Tidal and in again as a temporary fix. At least that worked for me a few weeks ago.

I have done this of course as well, but didn’t help.

Hi Rich and NOA,

One other thing to try that has helped others is to close and restart your Roon Core, either Roon or Roon Server, whichever you’re using.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg,

of course this has been one of the first things to do, but it doesn’t fix it. I even reinstalled RoonServer, restarted RAAT device, changed LAN cables, installed latest router firmware, changed network hubs, checked network connectivity and internet download rates in many way etc. etc., everything with no luck. Everything works like a charm including local streaming, TIDAL streaming has dropouts still.

Roon started working fine. I had another program downloading when the problem started. As soon as download was complete the problem stopped. kind of strange I have a 50 mb download speed. However, if just not downloading anything while using Roon works, easy fix. Thank you everyone who tried to help.

Any answers from Roon?

It looks like @Rich_Volkerding was having some networking issues, so I’m going to close the thread, and we’ll follow up in the other thread @NOA. Stand by!

Looks like I found the problem, I am fixed. thanks