Network Connectivity Issues with Tidal


I am getting the following message: “Tidal - Networking or Connectivity Problems are interfering with Tidal Playback”

I am unable to play anything. Tidal/Roon is my only playback system.

I wasn’t having any issues with Tidal Playback until this evening.

My DAC is a Schiit Yggdrasil. Roon Core is a Small Green Computer sonicTransporter AP. Roon Remote is my Windows 10 PC or my Google Pixel XL. Sonore Signature Rendu SE serves as the Audiozone/Endpoint/Renderer.

Connections are wired via a Netgear Network Switch. Router is Google WiFi.

Roon Version 1.3 (build 276) stable (64bit)


I cleared out the cache (did not fix the problem) and rebooted both the sonicTransporter and Rendu. After doing that, Tidal was up and working.

I’m still curious about the reason for the connectivity issues. Reading the suggested / related threads did not give me a clear take on it.


I have had the same problem, I just played and album with no problems, then the next album gives that message, switch to a different album and it plays fine all the way thru. Go back to the album that had the problem and it will play ok most of the time. Seems to be a server load problem, nothing local seems to matter. It seems to be a Tidal server problem of some sort.

Yes, that has been an ongoing issue. Even more so when a track does not load and skips to the next track.

In my case, I have lived with these issues since I can easily get around them.

What happened yesterday was that nothing was loading, even when I shut down and re-signed in.

Good that Tidal/Roon is up again for me, but I am curious as to what’s causing this and whether I can apply a more permanent fix.


Hi @David_Tenn ----- Thank you for the post(s) and the feedback, the insight is always appreciated!

In regard to this behavior you had experienced with TIDAL content being played in Roon. It is hard to say exactly what “trigger” is based on the information in this thread. We have indeed heard of some reports about TIDAL playback issues and have been doing some work on our server performance, but my feeling is that this is/was a separate issue.

Have you tried using the TIDAL application on it’s own and if so, did you ever experience the same/similar behavior?


There have been Tidal issues with Roon for the last two weeks or so. There are several other threads on it mainly tracks saying they are not available and not playing. Everything plays fine in Tidals own app though.

Same problem here, Roon reporting a network or connectivity problem is preventing playback from Tidal. Tidal app works fine. Tidal sync does nothing, but a reboot of Rock seems to sort out the issue, at least temporarily.

Similar problems as well with Tidal and connectivity problems - only in the last 2 weeks. At one point nothing was connecting via Roon and only started after rebooting everything including the router. Since then, occasionally skipping tracks (or albums) but will play if re-selecting again. Tidal has been playing OK via laptop/ iPhone and no problems before this. Network speed check remains >30gbs at all times. Same message in orange appears each time.
Not sure if this was anything with my equipment or a problem with Roon/Tidal.

Roon/Tidal has been working fine until this morning.

Error message (orange text at bottom of screen) when trying to play a Tidal album:

“TIDAL: A networking or connectivity problem is interfering with TIDAL playback.
Transport: Too many failures. Stopping playback.”

Playing the album from within Tidal works fine. NAS is working fine. Updated firmware on the Bryston BDP-3. The problem persists.

I rebooted the NAS and that solved the problem.