Network devices not found


432 EVO Core Machine

Network Details

Xfinity Router.

Audio Devices

Description Of Issue

KEF LSX and SONO OS not showing up in network Devices in audio in a Roon.

We tried a Mesh network network as the router on a different floor TP Link Deco.

All devices can be seen by a network scanner, but Roon doesn’t see them.

Make sure the Deco is configured as Access Point and not as Router.

How to set up Deco to work in Access Point mode?

Set to access point network sees Sonos and kef core doesn’t see Audio devices at all

Standard procedure: power cycle ALL components (network and audio devices) - done already?

What is the solution

I have the same xfinity style router as you.I set it to bridge mode and use a 3rd party router.

What does bridge mode accomplish?

Again devices. Can be seen on network roon is not seeing them

I had no luck with the router supplied by cable company with Roon.When you put router in bridge mode it then just becomes a modem.I bought a unifi dream machine for the router and works well for me

Hi @dave_lalin

Can you confirm the IP address of the Core and one of the devices not seen? Are they all on the same IP range?