Network End Point Recommendation

Can someone recommend an inexpensive Roon compatible network player for a 3rd bedroom. It will output to an inexpensive receiver and speakers. WiFi capability would be a plus.Is there something in the $100-$150 range? If not, the best bang for the buck. Thanks in advance.

If you have the tech skills and enjoy tinkering then I recently put together a Raspi 4 Roon endpoint with a HiFi Berry DAC 2HD hat that sounds terrific and works flawlessly. The DAC is about $100 and Raspi with case is around $50. I used DietPi but there are a couple of choices for OS like Ropieee that seem pretty straight forward to configure. Lots of web sites that have step by step guides.

I’m sure others will have ideas on off the shelf solutions if you want something that you don’t have to assemble and configure.

Thank Doug. I do have the tech skills, but I’m in the midst of a move, so I would prefer off the shelf for this one.

Try a used SonoS endpoint. Just connect the analog output to your receiver. I have a whole house system that feeds 10 rooms for casual listening and that is what I use to get Roon to those speakers.

Chromecast Audio if you can find one plus a good budget DAC such as the Schiit Modo 3 or Topping D10 (both using Toslink.)

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I’d second the Chromecast Audio, you don’t have to use a DAC and it still sounds pretty good. They are getting harder to lay your hands on since Google discontinued them. Don’t pay more than £30m but they were pretty sweet. As @Martin_Webster says you can also hook a DAC up to them if you crave better sound.

You won’t find what you are after at that price point. With the starting point of a Pi based device, DAC hat and nice case you are into your target price before any profit is applied. So your options are reduced to devices that are sitting around that can also be Roon endpoints in some guise. An old phone or something Roon, Airplay or Chromecast capable.

In the UK you can pick up the Chromecast new for around £25 and the DACs for ~£100-£125.

I picked up a open box SonoS connect for $159 at Best Buy.

Thank you everyone,

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