Network error for months

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet Router by Portuguese Operator MEO (500 Mbps) Silent Angel Bonn N8 Switch (CAT 7 and 8 cables)

Connected Audio Devices

USB to pro-ject stream box s2 ultra and project stream box s2 ultra
HDMI to Primare SPA23

Library Size

Less than 3000 tracks

Description of Issue

I have updated to Build 806. I´ve been experiencing a network error for many months and it has not changed with all the updates:

“Error Loading Page after searching TIDAL new albums”

I´ve already reported it. But Support always questions me about my setup. I´ve described it already several times. It’s frustrating to repeat the same information over and over again. I understand it is a way of discouraging users to report issues.
Why don’t you keep data associated with every user? Why isn’t there a direct way to address messages to your support instead of Roon Community? It is not the straightest way, harder than other providers.

Please inform

Fernando Machado
Pico Island, Azores, Portugal

I must inform that this “network error” appears when listening to music or not, either on PC or Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ smartphone, as the images show. I choose Tidal, then “what’s new” then “refresh” symbol or ‘More’. It’s been showing the same Albums for months… along with the red alert error.
There’s nothing wrong with my network.
The same happens when listening through Pro-ject Stream Box S2 ultra (USB) and Pro-ject Pre BoxS2, according to the image:

In router, set DNS to, then reboot the whole network including the Roon Core and all mobile devices.

Another information:

Most of the times, when Nucleus is left switched on, and the Roon app is launched on the smartphone/tablet, Roon can’t connect and appear.
I have to physically switch Nucleus off and on, so that Roon can be discovered.

I am not a technician…

Your “network error” is probably a local issue, and not specifically a Roon one… you can find some Roon KB help on changing DNS, or google the question for your router type. There is also a Roon KB article about Networking Best Practices which could be useful. Good luck!

This was the advice you were given last time. Until you try to do this change or get someone to help you it would be difficult to advise further.
Perhaps @support can run diagnostics on your account.

Thank you to members of the community who are willing to help.

I expect Roon support will have a word (or two…)

Hello @Fernando_Machado,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re dealing with the same issue for this long :sweat:

We’d love to help and, honestly, there’s no better first step than the one mentioned by @mikeb (thanks!).

Would you mind giving a try to changing your DNS?