Network Error message coming up each time I login (on PC and mobile)

Roon Core Machine

Core is running on my Synology DS920 NAS. Core seems fine, since I can see it as available when I start the Roon app on my PC or Phone.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

AT&T Fiber (2.5GB)

Connected Audio Devices

USB to Receiver, Airplay

Number of Tracks in Library

Lots, I don’t know because I can’t open the app.

Description of Issue

I have been using Roon at home for a long time without issue. The Core running on the Synology NAS seems ok and says it’s up to date and ready. But when I select the core it asks me to login and then reports “Network Error: please check your internet connection”. It happens when I run Roon on my Windows PC and iPhone too.

My account is OK because i can login at your website, and I also made sure my billing info was up-to-date.

This may have started when I upgraded to AT&T Fiber this fall, I was on Charter Cable modem before. But I don’t have any special/weird router settings, and have no issues with any other apps or sites.

Thanks for the assistance.

Hey @Todd_Wyatt,

Thanks for your patience as we continue to work through each thread. Following up on this thread, I see both your Roon Remotes have been online recently, are you still running into network issues?

If so, what is the model of your router and modem?

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