Network Error: Please check you internet connection (2)

Roon Rock on Intel Nuc
OS: Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
Server: Version 1.8 (build 913) stable
Unifi Wired Network, no issues there or to Internet. I can reach the server from the IP and restart it etc

Is there something wrong with Roon login servers atm? My rig suddenly stopped and I get “Network Error: Please check you internet connection” from all my devices. It has worked for years, the only thing is that I had it shut down for a week when on holliday recently, but switch it on and play went fine, but it stopped after a song or two with above error.

Standard procedure: restart every network connected device. Rock, router, access points, …

Doesnt help

Check that you don’t have any firewalls running.

I noticed that you are running build 913, the current version is 923. Build 918 addressed some DNS issues. Can you update to 923 and see if this resolves your issues?

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How do I update if I cant reach the interface? I reach the Rock from the interface, it sees it, but when I connect to it it gives me a log in screen, but it seems like it doesnt authenicate. I bet it has to do with that it has been offline for a week and hasnt regularly authenticated, and now it wont.

I believe authentication is required once per month, so if you were logged in during the past month it probably has performed a handshake with the Roon authentication servers.

Is it possible to connect the NUC to a monitor with an HDMI cable and attempt to manage it locally with a keyboard?

I updated my post above, maybe that explains?


There is another post I’m monitoring today where someone has a similar, but not necessarily identical, issue. This one has the Core with a shared IP address to a Naim device. Have you checked the IP address assignments?

So it seems your Core is on the network (green dot). Maybe reset your password?

Maybe try this, from browser?

It has the same fixed IP as it always had, and it shows up on the Unifi Network. It is something with the authentication.

Ah, yes. I also would try to Reinstall the OS but try the database first. Glad you can see it.

Not superfunny. Do I have to redo all configuration, fileshare pointers and everything after doing this?

I have never performed a DB reset, but assume so. The alternative is to try to reinstall the OS first and see if that helps correct it.

Also, it may be possible to rename your DB file as Roon Database-OLD to archive. This link may be useful before doing a reset:

Ok thanks. Its evening here, I can play radio and spotify from Blousound devices. Ill give it a sit overnigt and see if it handshakes or something, Im in no mood for reconfiguring the whole shobang.

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If you reset the database, you will lose any curating you have done.

Don’t take resetting your database lightly. That should be a last resort.

Hope you have backups.

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I doubt a bad database is your problem. Instead of resetting the database, reinstall the OS and restart the Server, both from the GUI.

That usually works.

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