Network help with Argon Solo

I bought the Argon Solo and was extremely pleased at first. I have a Roon Core running on Windows 10 NUC. It is wired directly to my network switch. I then have Ubiquiti Dream Machine router which also has got a WiFi access point built in it. Additionally I have 3x Ubiquiti access points around the house.

Why am I telling you all this, well because Solo was running fine when it was connected to the WAP inside the Dream Machine. After I moved it to another location, and it’s going through the AP and network switch, it only plays for 10-20 seconds and the front light starts flashing. It seems to be loosing the network connection. I can see this happening also in the Ubiquiti network dashboard.

This is not really a Roon problem, because it also happens with Spotify Connect. I have tried to switch between 2,4G and 5G wireless. Have locked it in the AP and also set a fixed IP address. The switch is managed and I have not gone in to tweak any of the settings, I think that might cause some issues. But it’s strange that everything else has always worked perfectly through that switch.

Anyone, any ideas what to try or what settings to alter inside the network switch itself to make the streaming smooth?

Are your aps wired back haul or wireless mesh? Ensure you have the advanced multicast option enabled on your Wi-Fi network.