Network overhead on looped local tracks?

This is likely a simple question:

Suppose that one (me) wanted to play a single track (break in track) from my local library, looping just that one track.

I can’t imagine that there would be much overhead in terms of network access through my ISP, but it would be good to know how much Roon would impact my usage when doing this.

Monthly ISP quotas, sheesh.


If it is a locally stored track, not streaming from Tidal or Qobuz then there would be no internet usage at all.

But roon is busy with metadata all the time so I think it’s pretty hard on low data capped internet connection. Not sure if it’s possible to dial it back somehow.

Technically, Roon only has to check your subscription once a month, right? So you could be disconnected from the internet and still use Roon to play that track. Whatever metadata you have on hand is what you would use until you need to reconnect to internet.
How you disconnect Roon from the internet while keeping it on your network is a separate issue. But posts have shown people take their Roon PCs ‘off the internet grid’ from time to time.

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