Network path too long for box

I’m trying to add a music folder to Roon - but the network path name is too long to put into the Network Path box! There seems to be some kind of character limit, so I can’t fit the full path in :frowning:

The path is: smb://, Vocal, Funk/Compilations

The last 2 characters won’t fit!

Why not just add the ‘parent’ folder of "Jazz, Vocal, Funk…and then Roon will Index all the likely Subfolders within that parent, including the albums within the Compilations folder

All further sub-divisions of the ‘parent’ folder can then be handled by the various Focus and Genre aspects of Roon

Quite right, and I did think of that - I was just flagging it up as an issue. It is quite possible that some parent folders might be too long also :slight_smile:

Thank you for the report @extracampine, we will check this issue.

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