Network paths - yet again

Roon Core Machine Elac Discovery

Windows 10, Intel i&, 16GB RAM.

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Essential’s “Add Network Share” page asks for username, password and Workgroup??

I know it may sound silly, but where do I find these?

I think that Essentials is supported by Elac. But, username is the name you log into on your Windows 10 machine, password is the password for that account, and Workgroup is only used if you have setup one on your local network.

Daniel, thanks for the reply. I don’t use a username or password to log into Windows when I turn on the computer, but according to one post I read they exist anyway. If that is true, where exactly would they be located if I did use them?



Well, they would be under Settings/Accounts or Control Panel/User Accounts.

Or they could just be default like admin or guest etc.
My win10 Acer came like that brand new and was not set by myself.

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