Network problem: MS Surface Pro 7 (Remote) intermittent connection with Google Nest WiFi - and Core


Core Machine: 7i7BNH Intel NUC w/Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Network Details: Deutsche Telekom W724V (WiFi off), 2 Netgear dumb switches, CAT6/7 cabling, Google Nest WiFi Hub + 2 endpoints
Audio Devices: Meridian 861v8+ID41, Meridian 218, Meridian 251 (all wired connections)

Description Of Issue: Due to very patchy WiFi in my apartment I’ve just added a Google Nest WiFi system with 1 hub & 2 endpoints. Until then - if I had a WiFi signal on any of my regularly used Remotes (Surface Pro 7 & Surface Pro 3) - connection to the Core would either remain or be re-connected after regaining the WiFi signal.

Since installing the mesh system, the WiFi has of course been far better, but I have regular - almost daily - disconnects from my remote - and then the remote won’t re-connect without a reboot of the Core.

I suspect some setting within the mesh system - perhaps DNS? I believe the mesh system - which is hard-wired (the hub) to my Router - has its own subnet.

Anyone have experience with settings for a Google Nest WiFi system that could explain - and fix this?

Hello @rolski,

Do you by any chance have a Multicast / IGMP Snooping or IGMP Proxying setting on your router? I’d give that setting a try, it has helped with multicast issues with other routers in the past, see: Networking Best Practices Guide.

Thanks for the quick reply @noris

No - as far as I can see - after going through all the Router settings & searching the web, the Router doesn’t have the option or capability of IGMP / Multicast.

And all the switches in my network are Netgear consumer-grade / dumb.

Hi @rolski,

When do these disconnects typically occur? Do they only happen when you are moving between rooms and the Surface’s are switching between access points or do they occur in the same spot as well?

If instead of rebooting the Core you try to reboot the Roon app on the Surface, does that allow re-connection?

Hi @noris

Disconnects do occur when moving between rooms, yes.

If I stay in the same room & the ‘Remote’ goes to sleep, it’ll start up again & show that it’s searching / connecting - and reconnect successfully very quickly.

If I move rooms & lose connection, then close Roon & restart Roon, it searches for the Core ‘forever’, even when I help by enterering the Core’s I.P. Address.

Note: Remote has lost connection overnight without being moved or shutdown - but a restart of the Core (not a reboot of the Core machine - only a restart of Roon on the Core) resulted in immediate re-connection).

Hello @rolski,

I wonder if the IP address lease expiring is part of this issue.

Could you please try setting Reserved IP addresses for both your Core + remotes and verify if that helps with these issues? This article provides instructions.

@noris - thanks for the suggestion & for the help trying to fix what’s ostensibly a problem with my network, rather than a problem with Roon…

I highlight that phrase as I’m completely aware that I have recently introduced a problem to a previously-fully-functioning system (!) and it’s not Roon’s fault that this has happened - which is contrary to many people’s opinions in other threads!

My Core already has a fixed IP address & I can’t (normally) set my main Remote (Surface Pro 7) to have a fixed address - as I use it for work / travel / in other people’s networks - but I see what you’re suggesting & will give it a try @ home.

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Hmm, another observation today (Sunday) - all of my WiFi connected devices have disappeared from Roon as Audio or Display endpoints.

All wired-connected endpoints are visible (Meridian 210 / 218 / 861 & Squeezebox Touch).
Powering a wired endpoint off makes it disappear from Roon. Powering it back on makes it re-appear.

So, unless I’ve missed something, all wireless connections have issues - which again leads me to suspect that the different WiFi subnet created by Google Nest (Mesh) is the culprit.

Hi @rolski,

Thanks for the update! It does sound like the WiFi is playing a factor here, especially since both the Remote -> Core connection and the WiFi devices -> Core connection is severed. Are you on the latest firmware for the Nest router? Maybe you want to reach out to Nest/Google to perform a diagnostics check on the system to see if it is operating as expected?

Hi @noris
Just to let you know that I was unable to ‘fix’ my problem - as - as surmised - it’s the Google Nest WiFi using a subnet that’s caused all the trouble and there’s no simple work-around at the moment.

The Google Nest WiFi is being returned as I’ve taken the rather more drastic decision to replace both it & my current Speedport W724V Router with a Fritz!Box 7590 Router - which is much higher performance & also supports its own same-subnet Mesh system if I find that necessary at a later date.

Google Nest WiFi’s out, new Router’s in, and everything’s working (so far!) drama-free.

Moral of the story? If you change a fully functioning network in order to improve it, be prepared for problems!

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @rolski,

Thanks for the update here and glad to hear you got the issue sorted out with the new router!

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