Network Share (SMB) on Roon Version 2.0 (1244) an QNAP [Closed]

Roon Core Machine

VM: Proxmox

Networking Gear & Setup Details

AVM FritzBox and FritzRepeater

Description of Issue

Can’t connect my shared NAS folder.
Error message always: Unexpected error

On QNAP SMB min version is 2, max 3
FritzBox Software Paket optimization disabled (like proposed)

Checked user permission. (Can access from any Windows PC on my network)
Tried \IP-ADDRESS\Share smb://IP-ADDRESS/Share

Thanks in advance!

The root cause here was something on my environment.
I run Roon via Proxmox VM environment. The LXC container for Roon must be “privileged” to allow CIFS mounts.

Just, if anyone has the same issues.

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