Network streamer with physical remote control

Looking for a device which would let me change preset radio stations with a physical remote control.
DIY options welcomed as well.

Streaming radio stations or broadcast stations? And assume a phone or tablet with an application does not count?

Streaming radio stations and physical remote is a must. Trying to recreate '80 hi-fi feel. Tired of smart screens. Wanna be able to change the station with my eyes shut.

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Not sure what country you are in or your budget, but Amazon has Ocean Digital internet radios with 99 presets, but this isn’t natively Roon compatible. Marantz has the 7000n integrated amp where it can play preset internet radio stations, and Onkyo has their 82xx series receivers that I believe operate similarly (I have a friend who has the 8260 and loves it for streaming radio). I’m sure there are other options, including DIY, but not aware of them.

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Thanks! NY is home. Will look into ocean digital. Unfortunately, already have Marantz pm8006 so cannot justify getting another one.

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I have the 8005 and really like it, so know what you mean. Hope you find something you like.

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Cambridge Audio CXN has internet radio with presets , all run through the StreamMagic app. The most recent V2 is Roon Ready

It has a colour screen and a standard IR remote control

Mines been going for years :grin: