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I had been using Roon all weekend. Then on Monday my Nucleus cannot be located. The only change was an update for Roon software. I’ve tried a hard reset. I’ve unplugged from power. I’ve rebooted router, modem too.

Not sure what to do at this point. Appreciate your suggestions.


In order for Roon’s support team to give you the best advice can you edit your opening post and add in the missing details.

Whilst waiting for Roon team to contact you here are a few thoughts / suggestions from me …

Are you able to plug the Nucleus in a monitor or TV so you can view it “console” screen.
That may help in diagnosing the issue.

Also check the status LEDs on RJ45 network port on the Nucleus, one should be steady and one flashing periodically when the network is accessed.

One more thing from me, have you attempted to point a web browser at the Nucleus, to see if it’s web administration page can be viewed?

Hey @ArtSam,

I am so sorry that we have missed on your post for this long, especially since you were unable to use your Nucleus for this long - please, accept our sincere apologies.

If this is ongoing, could you please share the details @Carl’s asked for? They’d really help understand what might be happening.

Thanks in advance :pray: