Network wired LS50W doesn’t play higher than 96 KHz resolution

When I play back Reveries of Reference Recordings in Roon I don’t get sound when in audio setup I set 192 KHz as the highest sample rate. When I put the highest sample rate as 96 KHz I hear music. I see that the sampling rate of 176 KHz is put to 88 KHz. The KEF’s are connected with a 5 meter long Cat 7 network cable to my router.

A little more detail may help us find the problem. Is this the only recording that isn’t playing at 192 or are all your 192 recordings not playing? Is this a locally stored music file(s) or are you streaming from some service like Tidal or Qobuz? Have you updated your speakers lately. I updated mine last month, not knowing that there was an update available, from last year. These are just some suggestions to consider.

It is with every file with a sample rate higher than 96 KHz and it doesn’t matter if it is from my NAS or from Qobuz. The speakers are new and I have the latest firmware from KEF. 192 KHz or 176 KHz. If I set audio to highest sample rate in Roon than I hear the music playing.

And it also happens when playing files from my NAS using the KEF app; here I also have no sound with files having a sample rate higher than 96 KHz.

When I am playing from my pc using JRiver Media Center and USB I can play and hear 176 KHz and 192 KHz sample rate files.

Hi Robert, I have recently purchased a pair of LS50W and have the same problem. I had to change Max Sample Rate to 96khz in Roon to make it work. Some users claimed after their speakers getting replaced the problem is solved. My fabrication date (on the box) said 01/2019. I have contacted KEF via email and waiting for their reply. Let me know how you go.

I also contacted Kef by e-mail. No reply other than due to the Corona-crisis I should be patient. I am still patient :innocent:

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