Network - Wireless Not Working

I have ROCK 1.0.76 installed and it seemed the WLAN is not working. Keeps saying “searching for network address”. Anyone got it working? WLAN turned on in BIOS.

Ethernet connection is OK, but not wireless.

IMHO running a server i.e. ROCK on any type of non LAN WIRED connection is not ideal. I would strongly recommend against it…including Ethernet over Power connection.

Reliability can be an issue for some but my old man is using 4 powerline adapters at his place. His broadband modem is downstairs at one end of the house, he has one listening room directly above that room and the Roon core is at the other end of the house in the main listening room, and there’s a WiFi router in the middle of the house - all connected to the main modem by 4 powerline adatpers and it works flawlessly for a large two storey house. But that may be the exception not the rule.

I’m keeping an eye on WiFi mesh prices for when they drop to a reasonable price and I may replace his powerline adapters for him, but in the mean time the powerline adapters are stable. Hard wired ethernet throughout his place would cost a fortune so not really an option.