Networked DAC not found in Audio Setup


I am running Roon Core on a Mac Mini 2014 with OS X High Sierra and use an iPad IOS11 with Roon Remote for the control. The Mac Mini is connected via Switch to my LAN and also is my Compact Streamer with DAC from AVM Audio ( Unfortunately Roon is not able to detect my DAC.

I have previously tried Audirvana 3 plus and this software was able to detect my Device over LAN. Is my assumption right, that I will not be able to play the music directly to the DAC as this was possible with Audirvana 3 plus? Do I need a something like a “bridge” between the two?

Many thanks for your comments or advices?


HI Erich,

A Roon Endpoint needs to be running the Roon RAAT code. Roon does not use DNLA or UPnP for audio. From the product page you linked, it does not seem as though the Player has the Roon network software.

You can contact AVM and see if they are working on a firmware upgrade which will let it’s player be seen by Roon. Or, you can get an Ethernet to USB, or Ethernet to SPDIF device which does run Roon RAAT to act as a bridge to your player.