Networked files on Portable Hard Drive Unable to Add to Watched Folder/File

My Roon Core is on a SonicOrbiter I5 (I5.) My music is on two USB portable hard drives that are attached to a Win7PC (PC.) Both the I5 and the PC are on the same Ethernet network. The USB hard drives have been “shared” on the network. I then go into Roon Core and attempt to set the hard drives as Watched. I use the “networked shared” option and type in the following path:

\\IP Address of the PC\share name of the hard drive

Roon then gives me an error message and does not identify the problem.

What am I doing wrong?


An Update:

With the help of a friend I was able to get Roon to see the shared file on the network and I was able to add the shared file to “Watched” folders list. Roon was downloading tracks and then the power flashed off and on and the tracks stopped loading. I tried to restart the download and I got a new error message, “Error Loading Folder – Not Found.” I logged out of Roon. I rebooted the PC and the SonicOrbiter. I brought everything back on and I still got the error message. I next deleted and re-entered the pathway address for the shared file but the same error message popped up. I gave up for the night.

This morning I tried again and got a new error message when I tried to add the pathway to the “Watched” folder:

“There was an unexpected error.”

I have the log but I don’t read code.

Any ideas?


Hi @Jeff_Friedman ---- Thank you for report and sharing your observations with us, during your troubleshooting. The insight is appreciated.

Moving forward, what is concerning me is the power hit that (I am assuming) your home took during the import process. In the interest of not wasting your time can you please verify the following for me in regard to the mentioned external HDs:

  1. Can they still be accessed successfully outside of Roon?

  2. Does the content still function?

  3. If you mount the HDs to another computer are they accessible?


Hi Eric,

Thank you for help.

Yes to each of your three questions.

I have the Roon Log from yesterday’s unsuccessful attempt to connect with the hard drives. Let me know if you would need it.

Thanks again,


Hi @Jeff_Friedman ---- Thank you for the follow up! I appreciate you verifying that information as I was worried that the drives themselves may have been damaged.

Moving forward, can you confirm that the IP addressed assigned to your Win7 (PC) and SonicOrbiter are still the same after the power hit?


Hey Eric,

I was concerned that the IP addresses may have changed so I double checked them yesterday and they are the same.


Hi @Jeff_Friedman ---- Thank you for the diligence and confirming that information :wink:

Before I grab some additional data and logs, I would like to ask yo to please try one more test for me. As mentioned in our knowledge base article on adding folders using file paths, when your core is being hosted on either Mac or Linux the file path should resemble the following:

smb://MyNASDrive/Multimedia/Music OR smb://

I see from your first post your current path being used is:

\IP Address of the PC\share name of the hard drive

Would you kindly readjust this information to match what is found in our knowledge base and confirm if you are still having an issue mounting the drive in Roon.

Lastly, a few additional questions/suggestions:

  1. You mentioned that the core is running on a SonicOrbiter (i5), I apologies as I let this slip passed me, but do mean you are using a SonicTransporter(i5) to host your core?

  2. If you mount the drives to that unit (The SonicTransporter) can they be seen/accessed in Roon?


Hi Eric,

The computer is at home. I’ll try the Linux pathway address format tonight. However, keep in mind that the share file had been added to the Watched folder and tracks were populating to Roon when I used the MS pathway address format.

To save time, if using the Linux format doesn’t work what would be the next step or steps?