Networking for Audiophiles

I’m doing a little Zoom presentation on Networking for Audiophiles at 7PM EST tonight. I get a lot of questions from customers and potential customers about this topic and I wanted to do a little class on it.

You can connect to it here


any recorded vid ?


@agillis Excellent presentation last night. Very informative.

I do have a few related questions for you: All this noise that is being lowered/removed by using fiber optic Ethernet connections rather than CAT 5/6/7/8 - how is that noise manifested in the final analog sound? Is the noise measurable? Is the noise within the range of human hearing?

By the way I do like the way you carefully walk the tightrope between full blown audiophiles with their beliefs and the equally hardcore “bits is bits” crowd. Your solutions are very sensible and based on accepted science. I admire your courage.

We will be posting a video of the presentation on our youtube channel later today.

When you say “all this noise” it’s not actually that much. There was a lot of info in my presentation about good networking other then using optical to eliminate network noise.

I just like optical because it’s a relatively cheap way to remove 100% of network noise. Audiophiles rarely have a way to 100% eliminate a noise source. And it’s also eliminating ground loops caused by shielded networking cable so it’s a “twofer”

The noise from your network gets into your player then into your DAC. You can defiantly measure it and hear it.

Good presentation yesterday, Andrew. Thanks for doing it.

It underscores the fact that streaming music effectively (either from inside-the-house storage or outside-the-house storage) is an IT matter. It calls for best practices in home computer and home network installation and administration. In fact, I wonder what percentage of customer support performed by companies like yours is really more about that than the audio products themselves.

Thanks! I have been getting a very positive response from it.

A few people asked me to post a direct link to the video.

here it is