Networking multiple zones at home

I have three different listening areas in my home with Roon installed. I have an Ethernet hard wired network. How can I connect the three zones? Thanks in advance

See if this FAQ: How do I link zones so they play the same thing simultaneously? helps.

Hi Larry,

If you are trying to group 3 existing Roon zones, then Phil’s post should cover it.

If there’s more to it … can you give us details of the audio equipment (DAC) in each area and how you have them currently connected. A description of your Roon install would also be very helpful.


Thank you.

I have my 2 channel audio room running Roon on a Mac mini via USB cable to a Vivaldi DAC

In my theatre I have another Mac mini connected via HDMI to a Classe’ Sigma SSP processor

Both of these rooms are on my local network via Ethernet

My bedroom has a mac mini via USB to a Peachtree audio DAC/AMP and is connected via WiFi over my LAN

I will try Phil’s post this weekend when i have time. If you have any other suggestions I would appreciate any advice.