Networking problem

Is it possible to tell the roon remote to use a static IP instead of multicast searching?

All my android and Logitech squeezebox loose connection while my Sonos stays connected with no issues. Also my roon bridges stay connected.

BumP :slight_smile:

As I’ve understood your question, you want an IP for your remote that always stays the same?

Log in to your router’s OS, check under Network settings (or similar) and search for your remote (tip: turn of internet on all remaining devices to easily find for your remote). Look for an option that gives your remote a fixed address.

Thats not what I am trying to do. All of my devices allready have a static address via DHCP. The issue is that my Android and Logitech Squeezeboxes keep loosing connection. It has nothing to do with networking, The roon app is crap under Android and the squeezebox protocol just sucks under roon. I need to stop making roon search for the stupid server under android… My apple devices works and stays connected just fine… Also my sonos have no issues.

Another idea:
In some routers there is an option which allows your devices to communicate among each other.
Have you checked that you did not forbid this?

Did you try to remove your phone from your network, disable it’s profile on your router and then add it again, completely new? Same for your Squeuzebox.

Do you use a Wi-Fi extender? Or do you use two (or more) routers? (wlan-roaming?)

Is the Roon Core up to date?

This are just some thing which came to my mind, maybe you can try some options.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I have the latest core. And I have a mesh WiFi with 3 aps around the house. I’ll look further and report. At work right now.

Thanks again!